About me

Hey, my name is Alex I’m 20 years old and I am from Romania 🇷🇴. I like programming and design. I’m always trying to learn new stuff and to increase my knowledge by either contributing to open-source projects or creating my own projects where I combine programming with modern design. I am passionate and hard working, I love innovating and helping people. Some of my hobbys are listening to music, dancing, traveling, photography, longboarding, watching TV shows, collecting sneakers, making DIYs, creating content, trying new foods etc.

💼  Work experience:

Internship Experience - UK

June 29th 2021 - July 1st 2021

• Worked on an Object Oriented Google Coding Challenge

• Participated at career development events

🎓  Education:

October 2021 - Present

University of Southampton, Southampton, United Kingdom

BSc, Computer Science

September 2016 - June 2020

Natonal College "Inochentie Micu Clain", Blaj

High school, Computer Science

July 2021

Python 3 Course

Course Certification - Codecademy

November 2020

C for Everyone: Programming Fundamentals

Course Certification - University of California, Santa Cruz

📦  Projects:

eMapped - Python, Flask

Website that helps people to manage their photos easily. It gives them information on how they felt on the day and helps them know where they took that photo

Weeper - Python, Flask

A web app that helps people track their spendings and get analytics based on them. Users can scan their receipt to add transactions automatically.

Travelrr - Python, Flask

A facebook messenger bot that gives train information from Romanian Railways such as: delay time, current station, next station, time needed to reach next station etc.(Not published yet)

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🏆  Awards:

Best Use of Google Cloud Winner at Hackabull Hackathon - 2021

Winner at GitHub Actions Hackathon - March 2020

5th Place - "AcadNet" (National Computer Science Contest) - 2019

Qualification to final round - "AstroPI" International Competition

3rd Place - "DualPC" (National Website Contest) - 2019

3rd Place - Information technology Olympiad (County) -2019

Grand Prize Winner - "Google Code-in 2018"

5th Place - "AcadNet" (National Computer Science Contest) - 2018

4th Place - "ITINNOVATION" (National Website Contest) - 2018

4th Place - "DualPC" (National Website Contest) - 2018

5th Place - Informatics Olympiad (County) - 2018

3rd Place - Information technology Oympiad(County) - 2018

3rd Place - "ITINNOVATION" (National Website Contest) - 2017

2nd Place - Information technology Olympiad (County - C# section) - 2017

🙌  Other Archievements

Google Developer Student Clubs - University of Southampton Core Team Member: Facilitator/Organizer

Helped to organize and manage a robotics demo event for the "RUBIX" FIRST Tech Challenge team - 2019

Actions on Google - Google Assistant Community Program - Made my first Action available in more languages.

Contributed to "Fedora Project" open source projects through Google Code-In - 2018

Volunteered at team "RUBIX" of FIRST Tech Challenge - 2018

Member of School's Informatics club - 2016-2020

🔨  Tehnical Skills:

  • C/C++
  • Python, Flask
  • MongoDB
  • Git, Bash
  • Ansible
  • Markdown
  • Bootstrap, Materialize
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • IoT