About me

Hey, my name is Alex I’m 19 years old and I am from Romania 🇷🇴. I like programming and design. I’m always trying to learn new stuff and to increase my knowledge by either contributing to open-source projects or creating my own projects where I combine programming with modern design. I am passionate and hard working, I love innovating and helping people. Some of my hobbys are listening to music, dancing, traveling, photography, longboarding, watching TV shows etc.

💼  Work experience:

October 2018 - December 2018

I Participated and was chosen to be a Grand Prize Winner at the Google Code-in 2018 Contest and solved 25 Tasks from the Fedora Organization. It was the best experience for me because I learned a lot of new stuff, I improved my communication skills and I've met great people with the same interests as myself.

🎓  Education:

October 2020 - Present

University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest - Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Science

Bachelor of Engineering - BE, Computer Science

September 2016 - June 2020

Natonal College "Inochentie Micu Clain", Blaj

High school, Computer Science

November 2020

C for Everyone: Programming Fundamentals

Course Certification - University of California, Santa Cruz

📦  Projects:

Weeper - Python, Flask

A web app that helps people track their spendings and get analytics based on them. Users can scan their receipt to add transactions automatically.

Travelrr - Python, Flask

A facebook messenger bot that gives train information from Romanian Railways such as: delay time, current station, next station, time needed to reach next station etc.(Not published yet)

Code Session - Python, Flask

Website intended for high school students to help them prepare for the Romanian Baccalaureate in informatics by competing with other users online.

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🏆  Awards:

Winner at GitHub Actions Hackathon - March 2020

5th Place - "AcadNet" (National Computer Science Contest) - 2019

Qualification to final round - "AstroPI" International Competition

3rd Place - "DualPC" (National Website Contest) - 2019

3rd Place - Information technology Olympiad (County) -2019

Grand Prize Winner - "Google Code-in 2018"

5th Place - "AcadNet" (National Computer Science Contest) - 2018

4th Place - "ITINNOVATION" (National Website Contest) - 2018

4th Place - "DualPC" (National Website Contest) - 2018

5th Place - Informatics Olympiad (County) - 2018

3rd Place - Information technology Oympiad(County) - 2018

3rd Place - "ITINNOVATION" (National Website Contest) - 2017

2nd Place - Information technology Olympiad (County - C# section) - 2017

🙌  Other Archievements

Helped to organize and manage a robotics demo event for the "RUBIX" FIRST Tech Challenge team - 2019

Actions on Google - Google Assistant Community Program - Made my first Action available in more languages.

Contributed to "Fedora Project" open source projects through Google Code-In - 2018

Volunteered at team "RUBIX" of FIRST Tech Challenge - 2018

Member of School's Informatics club - 2016-2020

🔨  Tehnical Skills:

  • C++
  • Python, Flask
  • MongoDB
  • Git, Bash
  • Ansible
  • Bootstrap, Materialize
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro
  • IoT